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Hi Everyone, Sorry to those of you who couldn’t find the link to the podcast. Here it is:

Hope to hear from you soon!!

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Episode 3: WIP into Shape

I’m finally back to the blog and microphone!! The summer came and went so fast!! I was more busy than I expected to be but I’m back.

We are jumping ahead in our Quilt Notebook to section 4, we’ll return to section 2 next time.

Quilt Notebook Section 4: WIPs
Works In Progress. We all have them and most of us need to get a handle on each project. I have many projects that I’ve either started or intend to start and most of them are far from organized. I’ve created a WIP document for myself that might be of help to you.

Household Notebook Section 2: Bible Study & Prayer
Read the Proverb of the Day and find one little proverb to reflect on for the day.
Use this section however it best fits your spiritual lifestyle.

Household Notebook Section 10: Month by Month
I divided my house down into six manageable areas. I try to clean, de-clutter, repair, touch up paint, etc. in each area twice a year. Please don’t come visit me!! I have been living in my new house since Nov. 2009 and I have not kept up with this at all. BUT…each month I have good intentions!!

I have a shelf that my dad made for me that I decorate each month by theme. Here’s my list of themes:
Jan: Blue & White w/Snowmen
Feb: Pink & Red w/Valentines & Hearts
Mar: Pastels w/Spring or Easter
Apr: Pastels w/Spring or Easter
May: Yellow, Green & Blue w/Wild Flowers
June: Red, Yellow, Blue & Green w/Summer (flip flops, sand pails, etc.)
July: Red, White & Blue w/Patriotic
Aug: Pink & Purple w/Butterflies
Sept: Fall Colors w/Fall
Oct: Fall Colors w/Pumpkins & Scarecrows
Nov: Fall Colors w/Thanksgiving (Pilgrims, turkeys, etc.)
Dec: Red & Green w/Christmas
I added the color theme in 2010. This gives me an idea of what colors to keep in mind for my quilted decorations. I should take pictures of my shelf each month!!

I also have personal goals for each month. I’ll keep those private – sorry!! But, the idea is to make a list of personal things that I want to accomplish in the current month and make progress on them.

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Episode 2: Scraps, Scraps, and More Scraps

Quilt Notebook Section 1: Journal Ideas
Daily Journal entry
Reminders about current or future projects
Notes taken from podcasts, blogs, websites, etc.

Household Notebook Section 1: Schedule and Routines
Resources: Simplify Your Life by Marcia Ramsland; It’s All Too Much by Peter Walsh; Sink Reflections by Marla Cilley – The FlyLady; The Change Your Life Challenge by Book Noel

Household Notebook Section 9: Reading Log
My Reading Log

Scraps, Scraps, and More Scraps
Adapted from Bonnie Hunter’s Scrap User’s System
Scrap Saver Drawer Organization
Scrap Saver Cutting Guide
Scrap Saver Scrappy Piecework

Drawer Organization

Close up of drawer organization

2″ strips drawer

4″ square drawer

3″ square drawer with example of pieced “new” square

Strings & crumbs drawer

More scrap to trim

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What a weekend

Ashley - 1 Day Old

Adam & Ashley

Wow, I have a daughter that graduated – wasn’t it just yesterday she was born? As she walked across the stage yesterday I did have a tear in my eye. She’s a beautiful girl with a great future ahead of her. She’s going on to study Music Therapy and Early Childhood Development. One down one to go.

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The Quilter’s Notebook Episode 1

Introduction to Amy & The Quilter’s Notebook
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#1 The Introduction

In my first podcast I introduced my household and quilting notebooks. Here are the details:

Supplies: 3 ring binder, set of 8 plastic index dividers, post it notes, loose leaf notebook paper

Categories for Quilting Notebook: Journal, Notes & Reminders, Clubs & Address Book, WIP’s, My Library, Supply Inventory, Wish List, Project Ideas

Categories for Household Notebook: Schedule & Routines, Bible Study & Prayer, Diet & Exercise, Budget & Finances, Pantry & Freezer Inventory, Menu Planning, Special Days & Address Book, Crafting, Reading, Month by Month, Room by Room, Computer & iPod, Family Information, Vehicle Information, Future Planning, Extras

These are my notebook supplies and my categories but make it your own.

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It all began with scraps

In January 2010 I “inherited” my husband’s grandma’s fabric scraps. I pre-washed all these scraps and set about to trim them into pre-cut strips and squares. Wow, what a task. I still think there’s a fabric scrap fairy out there that added to my bins as I trimmed them. While trimming the scraps I became friends with many quilty podcasters out in iTunes land. I’m pretty sure my family thought I was going crazy cutting scraps while laughing and talking to myself.  The task of trimming still isn’t done. But, you can only trim for so long before you need a sewing fix.


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